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Established on July 1, 1975, Inventec Corporation began its operation as a simple manufacturer of calculators. Until now, over 24 years has passed and we have developed into a large environmentally friendly enterprise with ISO certifications. Inventec Corporation is supported by the work force of over 4,000 dedicated employees who represent the core of a Group that manufacturers many products. Inventec's initial stage of establishment gave priority to manufacturing calculators and by 1984 we were Taiwan's largest manufacturer of calculators. Then we began to make more efforts on producing telephones. Two years later our results were outstanding, leading the telephone export market after only a short period of time. In 1988, Inventec once more brought into play its highly concentrated Group technology and competitive advantages, investing in research, production and logistics support for notebook PCs; and research, production and sales for our electronic dictionary software. Ten years have now passed and Inventec's only self-marketed consumer product company, Besta, has become a market leader. Also, Inventec is now one of Taiwan's three largest producers of notebook PCs. Our products have brought us rapid increased sales growth helping to transform a small company with little revenue into one with revenue in excess of NT$46 billion.

Inventec Corporation also represents the Inventec Group's nucleus, not only responsible for handling group product sales and company policies, but also for leading the Mainland China Group software development plans. In addition, Inventec is the researcher, developer and designer, representing the pillar of our Inventec Group business structure.

In 1997, in line with our global logistics policy, Inventec established factories in Houston and Scotland to conduct final configuration and after-sales service for PC-related products in the North American and European markets. In September of 1998, Inventec acquired Tao-factory, which designs and manufactures servers, workstations and desktop PCs. The factory's existing 400 employees are now helping Inventec establish these new product lines.

Looking into the future we will not only maintain current quality control, research and development, and information management standard, we will more than ever, push for value-added engineering to increase our competitive advantage and overall value thus transforming Inventec Corporation into a benchmark company of the 21st century.

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