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Download Service: Dr.eye professional dictionaries and knowmation books, Dr.eye Update, monthly new word supplement and etc.

Technical support: Dr.eye product technology enquiry by customer service hotline, fax and E-mail.

Customer Service
Thank you for your attention on Dr.eye products and welcome you to contact us for presale consultation.

Dr.eye Han Easy Ver.1.0
Shanghai Service Hotline: +86 21 54261272
Shanghai Service Fax: +86 21 54261243
Shanghai E-mail: service@dreye.com.cn
Service Time: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 (except holidays)

Dr.eye 7.0 International Version
Singapore Service Hotline: (65)68417966
Singapore Service Fax: (65)68417866
Singapore E-mail: dreye_support@besta.com.sg
Service Time: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 (except holidays)

Dr.eye 6.0 English Version
Taiwan Service Hotline: (02)27609996
Taiwan Service Fax:
Taiwan E-mail: service@dreye.com

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