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Dr.eye 8.1 Professional Edition
(Traditional Chinese Version)

Dr.eye is one of the most popular translation software in the whole Chinese-spoken area. It is the only translation software that won all three awards: Award of Outstanding Information Product, User's Best Choice, and Masterpiece of Taiwan.


1. Product Features
Dr.eye 8.1 is the professional translation tool and language learning software based on Windows platform. Dr.eye provides abundant multilingual dictionaries, and powerful functions, such as instant translation, full-text translation, and letter assistant. It is a best assistant to help you learn English or Japanese.
Top Ten Features:
1) Adds true voice pronunciation for 140000 words by a native speaker of American English
2) Adds 3 kinds of Subject Dictionaries (English-Chinese Computer Dictionary, English-Chinese and Chinese-English Management Dictionary, English-Chinese and Chinese-English Medicine Dictionary)
3) Supports Traditional Chinese OS and switchable user interface (Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English)
4) Enhances system compatibility
5) Offers optimal integration of embedded translation applications
6) Helps with intelligent instant translation and smart learning
7) Provides Dr.eye Online Shareword service
8) Enables multi-platform data exchange operation
9) Shows fashionable and impressive UI design
10) Supplies new words supplement four times per month

Basic Functions:

Instant Translation:
You can get the translation of a word or a phrase either in Chinese, English, or Japanese as soon as the pointer moves on it.

Instant Writing:
Word replacement, instant spelling check & correction make your English, Chinese, or Japanese writing easier and better.

Instant Dictionary:
It provides abundant and integrated database, including ENU-CHT Two-way Dict., JAP-CHT Two-way Dict. and Chinese Dictionary of Singapore.

Multilingual Input:
The intelligent input method employs the most advanced input technologies, such as Intelligent & Fuzzy Technology and User-defined Dictionary Technology.

Letter Assistant:
With 470 letter templates & over 2400 sample sentences in 17 types of business correspondence, it can help you read and write business letters easily and fast.

Instant Voice:
With the latest TTS technology, it enables your computer to speak words, phrases, sentences, and articles in Chinese, English, or Japanese.

Word Manager:
It keeps a record of the difficult words you've looked up so that you can memorize them at your convenience.

Multilingual View:
With this tool you can browse Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean code in Traditional Chinese OS.

Translation Functions:

Full-text Translation:
With professional translation engine and translation memory technology, it can support six sorts (CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English) of translation for sentences, paragraphs, and even passages.

Webpage Translation:
It can support six sorts (CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English) of translation for webpages.

File Translation:
It can support six sorts (CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English) of translation for files (*.txt, *.xls, *.doc, *.htm, *.html, *.rtf, *.ppt, *.docx, *.xlsx, or *.pptx).

Selected Translation:
It can support six sorts (CHS<->CHT, CHS<->English, CHT<->English) of translation for the selected phrase or sentence.

It can translate all the English menu into Chinese in seconds.

Learning Functions:

Word Builder:
With friendly user interface, graded database, and native American pronunciation, it can help you memorize English words vividly and easily.

Sentence Pattern:
With over 3000 sentences, detailed explanations, and native American pronunciation, it can help you master English sentence patterns without any difficulties.

Test Paper:
Test Paper produces test papers according to your requirements. After the test, it will check your paper and give you the right answer. This self-test helps you improve your English effectively.

Voice Repeater:
With this powerful voice repeater, it can help you improve your English listening and speaking ability in an effective way.

2. Specifications
Software Specifications
True Voice English Pronunciation; English-Chinese and Chinese-English Subject Dictionaries; Illustrated and Animation Dictionaries; Letter Assistant Materials; Travel Dialogue; Daily Expressions; Enhanced compatibility and integration
With complete Unicode support; Compatible with Traditional Chinese version of Windows OS; Supporting switchable UI language among Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English
With more flexible system compatibility, Supporting Windows Vista and Windows x64; With optimal integration of embedded translation application in Office 2003/2007, IE7, Yahoo! Messenger, QQ, and MSN Messenger
System Requirements
Windows XP/2003/Vsita (Traditional Chinese Version)
Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB for Full installation
Memory: 128M RAM or above
CPU: Pentium III or higher
Sound Card, Speaker, or Earphone
Any Internet access device: Modem, ADSL, and etc.
DVD ROM Device
Windows-compatible display with at least 800 x 600 resolution and 256 color
Software Functions
Please see the attached product features for details.

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