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Dr.eye 9.0 Flagship Edition

Granted Taiwan Excellence Awards
An ideal tool for you to seek knowledge, prepare exams and increase work efficiency

Dr.eye 9.0 Flagship Edition offers practical functions, such as Instant Translation and Instant Dictionary. In order to meet users' customized requirement, we offers add-ons and value-added services such as Oxford multilingual dictionaries (English<->German, English<->French, English<->Italian, English <->Russian, and English<->Spanish) for users to lease.

Suggested Retail Price: USD$ 59


1. Product Features

Multilanguage, Cross-platform, Customized My Dr.eye

Instant Dictionary

It includes abundant database: English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary, Concise Oxford American Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary, Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, three subject dictionaries (Computer Dictionary, English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Management, English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Medicine) and plenty of language references.

It supports lookup for words' explanation and example sentences. It also supports wildcard search. It allows the users to view the recent search and add the frequently searched words to Word Manager for review.

Instant Translation

No more copy-and-paste or type. Just move the mouse cursor to a word and view the explanation from several dictionaries in the instant window.

Powerful Translation Engine

Sentence/Full-text/File/Webpage Translation

File Translation supports 10 translation types (CHT<->CHS, CHT<->ENU, CHT<->JPN, CHS<->ENU and CHS<->JPN) and 10 file formats (*.txt, *.xls, *.doc, *.htm, *.html, *.rtf, *.ppt, *.docx, *.xlsx and *.pptx).

Webpage Translation helps you get information conveniently. It can translate web pages in IE browser or RSS files in SharpReader and Rss Bandit.

Full-text Translation supports 10 translation types: CHT<->CHS, CHT<->ENU, CHT<->JPN, CHS<->ENU and CHS<->JPN. User-defined Vocabulary and Translation Memory make translation more accurate.

Translation toolbar embedded in Yahoo, MSN, QQ and Pandastar Instant Messenger helps you get over language barrier and communicate with people worldwide.

Multilingual Voice

It supports pronunciation in Chinese, English and Japanese by default. You can also lease human voice module for Chinese dialect.


The magnifier follows the mouse movement and can magnify any object in the screen. You can change the magnification level of text and images by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Instant Writing

It will make writing much easier by the functions of spelling check, spelling assistance, word replacement and so on.

Word Manager

It helps you to learn and memorize words by the famous Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. It will help to increase your vocabulary easily and quickly.

Letter Assistant

It offers thousands of sentence patterns and hundreds of business letter templates. It also supports the auto letter generation function. With this software, you can write impressive and effective letters yourself with less time.

International Interface and Multilingual Input

It offers nine UI languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

It supports 4 input languages (traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and Japanese) and 7 kinds of input method.

Dr.eye Online Shareword

It provides a platform for users to look up and add popular words.
( chinese version only )

Add-ons for Leasing:

English Human Voice & Chinese Dialect Database with Human Voice

It provides real female voice for 8,000 common English words. It also offers Chinese dialect words and sentences with human voice. You will find it a good companion in business and travel.

Chinese Dialect Database: Words and Sentences of Southern Min, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese with human voice

Oxford Multilingual Dictionaries:

It provides many dictionaries for leasing: Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary, Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary, Oxford Russian Dictionary, Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary, Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary and etc.

Learning Modules: (Coming soon)

It helps you improve skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing easily

Word Builder:

Friendly user interface and graded vocabulary with native American pronunciation make your word learning easy and interesting.

Sentence Pattern:

It provides over 3,000 sentences with native American pronunciation. You can listen, practice and test and view the detailed pattern instruction, helping you to master the sentence pattern without difficulty.

Test Paper:

It contains ten test types, such as vocabulary, grammar, translation, reading comprehension, cloze passage and etc. It allows you to select the types you need and generates the test paper automatically. It will analyze deficiencies according to the test results and help you to improve your English effectively.

Voice Repeater:

With this powerful voice repeater, you can improve your English listening and speaking ability in an effective way.

2. System Requirement

Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
512 MB RAM
1.5 GB Free Space or more
Microsoft IE 6.0 or later
Peripheral Devices: Keyboard and mouse

3. Operation System

Windows 2003 Server / Windows XP / Windows Vista 32/64 bit (Traditional Chinese version)

Attached Pandastar (Initial Limited Edition), a piece of software including the following functions: pet raising, instant communication and learning.

For more information please visit www.dreye.com
Company Address: 66 Hou-Kang Street, Shih-Lin District, Taipei, Taiwan
Product Website: http://www.dreye.com
Hotline: +886 (02) 2880-9177
Fax: +886 (02) 2880-9184
E-mail: service@dreye.com

Dr.eye Products Comparison
Dr.eye 8.1 Dr.eye 9
Professional Edition Flagship Edition
Multilingual Dictionaries English-Chinese Dictionary of Finance XFree Download
Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary XLease
Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary XLease
Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary XLease
Oxford Russian Dictionary XLease
Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary XLease
Language References English Grammar Dictionary VV
English Usage Dictionary VV
English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary of Classified Situations VV
English Sentence Pattern Dictionary VV
Words for Everyday Use VV
Travel Conversation VV
Real Voice Real Male Voice for 140,000 English words VV
Real Female Voice for 8,000 English words XLease
Real Voice for High-frequently-used Words and Sentences of Southern Min, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese XLease
Unicoded Core Engines Unicoded Interface Engine VV
Unicoded Word Capture Engine XV
Unicoded Search Engine XV
Unicoded View Engine XV
TTS English VV
Chinese VV
Japanese VV
Automatic Translation CHS <-> CHT VV
Module Feature Annual Rent
Real Human Voice of English and Dialect Package

Real Female Voice for 8,000 English words

High-frequently-used Words and Sentences of Southern Min, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese

Real Voice for High-frequently-used Words and Sentences of Southern Min, Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese
USD$ 3.9

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