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Dr.eye 9.0
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Dr.eye Mobile
for Symbian V3

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Dr.eye 8.0 International Version
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Dr.eye mobile for symbian V3

Handy translation and learning software for Symbian operating system. Here you will find an efficient English study aide.

It contains abundant English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary which supports human voice pronunciation for English words and example sentences. It comes with powerful functions, such as Instant Dictionary, Word Manager, New Word Supplement.

Suggested Retail Price: USD$19.9

Dr.eye's leading technology-based functions

1. Instant Dictionary
  • English-Chinese & Chinese-English Dictionary including more than 120,000 entries;
  • Identifying the source language and choosing the suitable dictionary automatically;
  • Supporting wildcard search in Chinese-English and English-Chinese Dictionary;
  • Supporting fuzzy search in English-Chinese Dictionary;
  • Supporting looking up previous and next words;
  • Able to back to review previous looking-up record;
  • Offering human voice pronunciation for 6000 common English words;
  • Supporting pronunciation for example sentences.
2. Word Manager
3. Looking-up Records
4. New Word Supplement
5. User-defined Glossary

Features Overview

  • Instant Dictionary

  • The abundant English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary makes bidirectional search for Chinese and English words easy.

  • Intelligent fuzzy search and wildcard search make the software user-friendly.

  • Word Manager

  • Word Manager allows you to focus on the new words and recite them effectively.

  • Human Voice Pronunciation

  • Instant Dictionary offers human voice pronunciation for English words and example sentences, which helps you improve your English learning and speaking skills.

  • New Word Supplement

  • The database has strong extensibility and can be enriched by Self-defined Glossary and New Word Supplement.

  • Dr.eye publishes English-Chinese and Chinese-English new words every month. You can download and add them into the dictionary for free.

System Requirement

Operation System: Symbian S60 (Traditional Chinese Version)

Storage Space

Program installed in memory card:
Memory Card: Above 20MB Free space in memory card
Main memory: Above 5MB Free space in main memory
Program installed in phone main memory:
Main memory: Above 25MB Free space in main memory
Install human voice module
Above 20MB Free space


You can select Option -> Register on Dr.eye main window to check the registration information after registering the software successfully.

One serial number can only be used to install and register Dr.eye for Symbian on one phone.

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